SinkerSnaps, LLC produces innovative, non-toxic, detaching and dissolving sinkers that allow fishermen to easily increase casting ability, casting distance, casting accuracy, and at the same time present bait or lures in a manner that will enhanced the pole to hook line sensitivity, and make them act more naturally.  Some of our products precisely distribute fish scent, and all of them can help you catch more fish! 

SinkerPop™ Mini - is ideal for Bass Fishing when using light weight lures and also for general casting along shores, lakes, rivers, streams.

SinkerPop™ Large - is ideal for longer distance casting at lakes, rivers, shoreline, streams and pier fishing scenarios.

SinkerDepth™ - is ideal for catching fish who linger at deeper depths or on the bottom.  Upon entering the water, this sinker carries your live bait, bait, or lure down rapidly . . . but soon released off the line in a time-released manner, giving your hook and bait a "sinker-free" freedom to attract fish without sinker snag, sinker burden or spooking fish.

SinkerSurf™ are ideal for casting very long distances into the ocean when "Surf Fishing".  Especially useful when using live bait so that live bait acts naturally in the water and doesn't have a large weight to spook fish or snag.  

Benefits: 1). ocean sport fish - to easily reach kelp paddies with live bait, and send live bait down to depth without a weight burden, 2). bass light-lure casting, 3). any fish that can be caught from a bank of a river, lake or pond, 4). surf fishing, and 5). when fishing off a pier.  

Our sinkers defy gravity because they "Pop off" your fishing line once they enter the water . . . . and this enables you to cast out to where fish are and have your bait or lure be more attractive to fish because the sinker used to cast out is no longer on the line to restrict, or snag, or scare off fish.   SinkerSnaps, LLC has created the most unique and innovative sinker you have every seen . . . so try some and see for yourself how our products are going to improve your fishing.