About Us


Serving the fishing industry, SinkerSnaps, LLC, is dedicated to creating products that will improve the chances of catching fish, and at the same time make fishing products more environmentally friendly than those used in the past.

Based in Southern California, we've developed, tested, and patented numerous innovative fishing sinker products since 2012. Fishing pros and amateurs are extremely excited about our SinkerPop™ sinker. These innovative sinkers offer the same benefits as conventional sinkers before hitting the water, but upon entering the water, they 'pop off' the line and decompose into harmless by-products that are safe for the environment.

Our new sinker products are changing the entire way fishing sinkers are being used.  Join us in enhancing the fishing experience for both the fisherman and the environment.  We welcome your inquiry as dealer, distributor and potential partner in our product marketing and sales effort. Cast our founder a line at: fbono@sinkersnaps.com.