Currently (4) Products for Different Casting Needs


SinkerPop™ Large Size - a 1-1/4 ounce weight to cast your bait or lure out to much greater distances than possible with the Mini version.

SinkerPop™ Mini Size - a 1/2 ounce weight for most types of casting: offshore, off of pier, off of charter fishing boats, and especially suited to cast light bass lures to get to fish without having to get close to them . . . to prevent scaring them away.

SinkerSurf™ - a heavy 4 ounce weight used for surf fishing.  Allows your live bait, or bait, or lure to be cast far out into the ocean, but once entering the water this casting weight will be immediately released . . . thus allowing your hook and bait to more naturally attract fish!

SinkerDepth™ - a 3 ounce weight used to bring your hook and bait down deep into the water and then release this sinker off of your line in a time-delayed manner.  Ideal to get your live bait, bait or lure down in the water to reach fish when they are at depth and staying there!

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