Oceanside Yacht Club - 06-13-2017 - Contest Rules:

         This is an exclusive contest that is limited to one of the fifteen persons who received SinkerPop™ packets at the June 13th, 2017, Angler's Club Meeting at the Oceanside Yacht Club Hall.  For each of the fifteen persons who received a sample packet of four 1/2 oz., and two 1-1/4 oz. SinkerPop™ sinkers at this meeting . . . you become eligible to win a brand new Penn 2-speed Reel only when the following two tasks are completed:

1). You completely fill-out the on-line Product Survey in a manner consistent with having used the SinkerPop™  product described and received at the meeting.  The Product Survey can be taken by going to this SinkerSnaps, LLC website, and on the main page, clicking the "Survey" button/link.  Besides submitting the Product Survey, you must also complete Task 2 (shown below) to be eligible to win.

2). While using the SinkerPop™ product, take and then submit a 1 minute or less video that documents how you used the product, and how it performed in it's mission to improve casting, bait presentation and an overall improvement in fishing success. You can be somewhat creative, however it must contain documentation and testimony that shows the SinkerPop™ product was evaluated and shows results or suggestions of the evaluation.  (NOTE: offensive language or content will likely disqualify the video from contest eligibility, so keep it clean and to the point).

ADDITIONAL RULES, INSTRUCTIONS AND COMPLIANCE:  Task 1 above is completed on this SinkerSnaps, LLC website, and Task 2 above is completed by sending your video to attention: Dan Gascon (Angler's Club President), at email address:   Contact Dan, if you are having any trouble getting your video over to his attention.   

(NOTE: by submitting your video you agree to grant SinkerSnaps, LLC, full ownership rights to use and/or publish the video, and agree that the only monetary/legal obligation of SinkerSnaps, LLC, to anyone involved or participating in this contest is the eligibility to win a new Penn 2-speed Reel.  The SinkerSnaps, LLC President - will be the sole judge of each Survey and Video's content and will exclusively decide the winner.  Chances of winning are equal to or better than 1 in 15, and depends on how many eligible entries of both Product Survey and Video are received by the deadline for completion of Task 1 and 2, which is Midnight (Pacific Time) - August 14, 2017).  Winner will be notified within 7 calendar days after deadline date.